Encapso K

Product Code:SOSENP

Looks just like water and is ideal  to create water/pond effects at a small scale. Fully cured Encapso K can also be crumbled to look like broken glass, diamonds or ice. Perfect to encapsulate just about any inanimate object. Can also be used to create a variety of display props and novelty items. If pouring Encapso K over a glass object, apply a thin coating of petroleum jelly or Ease Release 200 release agent before pouring rubber. Do not apply this product to the skin. To color, add some Silc Pig or Ignite. UV Resistant.

Technical data sheet

Mixing Ratio: 1A:1B by Weight or Volume
Viscosity: 150 cps
Pot Life: 120 Minutes
Demold Time: 16 Hours
Shore A Hardness: 33A
Color: Water Clear

Pint: 2 lbs
Gallon: 16 lbs
5 Gallons: 80 lbs
CAD $34.00
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