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Product Code:SOR746P

Developped to make molds for casting gypsum plasters. Well suited for use as a rubber case mold – especially large case molds where extra rigidity is required. Because of its durability and moisture resistant properties it is also used by zoos and museums for a variety of mold-making, display and exhibit applications. Other applications include making plaster block molds, reproducing ornamental plaster (architectural restoration), pre-cast concrete molds, casting waxes, Smooth-On rigid polyurethanes and epoxies and also for making a variety of special effects for movies and theatre.

To prevent adhesion between the rubber and model surface, models made of porous materials (gypsum plasters, concrete, wood, stone, etc...), must be sealed (
SuperSeal or One Step) prior to applying a release agent. A high quality shellac is suitable for sealing modeling clays that contain sulfur or moisture (water based) or thermoplastics (polystyrene). A release agent (Universal Mold Release) is necessary to facilitate demolding when casting into or over most surfaces. In & Out II is recommended for releasing abrasive materials like concrete.

Technical Data Sheet

Mixing Ratio: 2A:1B by Volume
Viscosity: 1 200 cps
Pot Life: 15 Minutes
Demold Time: 16 Hours
Shore A Hardness: 60A
Color: Beige

Pint: 3 lbs
Gallon: 24 lbs
CAD $42.95
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