Crystal Clear 200
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Crystal Clear 200

Product Code:SOP200P

A water white clear resin made specifically for applications that require clarity. Low viscosity ensures easy mixing and pouring. Cures at room temperature with negligible shrinkage. Cured castings are UV resistant and are not brittle. Applications include encapsulation, making prototype models, lenses, sculpture reproduction, decorative pieces, jewelry and special effects. Vibrant colors and color effects are possible by adding SO-Strong

CAUTION: For industrial use only
. Proper ventilation, a NIOSH approved respirator and protective clothing (gloves and long sleeves) are required to minimize the risk of inhalation and dermal sensitization rash. Read MSDS before using. Pour into a urethane rubber mold (VytaFlex urethane – release agent required), tin cured silicone mold (Mold Max silicones) or Mold Star 15, 16 or 30 (NOT Mold Star 20T) platinum cured silicone. Do not use other rubber mold products. Crystal Clear resins are formulated for specific ranges in casting thickness.  

Crystal Clear 200
: Thickness ranging from ½” to 3” at a casting weight maximum of 16 lbs. (7,25 kgs.). Castings greater than 3” should be layer cast.

Technical Data Sheet

Mixing Ratio: 100A:90B by Weight (Gram Scale required)
Viscosity: 600 cps
Pot Life: 20 Minutes
Handling Time: 16 Hours
Shore D Hardness: 80D
Color: Clear

Pint: 1,9 lbs
Gallon: 15,2 lbs
5 Gallons: 76 lbs

CAD $93.95
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