Psycho Paint
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Psycho Paint

Product Code:SOCPP8

Two component translucent clear platinum-cure silicone, used to make a base for color pigmenting. Developed to help special effects and prosthetic artisans, doll makers, etc..., easily create painted-on color effects for their platinum silicone creations. Once the desired color is attained, Psycho Paint is thinned with a solvent and thin layers of paint can then be applied to a model’s surface made of Dragon SkinEcoflex or other platinum silicone. Bonds to the model's surface and offers good abrasion resistance. Very strong, it will stretch and bend with the model without cracking or peeling.

Technical Data Sheet

Mixing Ratio: 1A:1B + Solvent by Weight or Volume
Pot Life (with Solvent): 45 Minutes
Cure Time: 2 Hours
Color: Translucent Clear

8 Ounces: 0,5 lb
Chopine: 2 lb
Gallon: 16 lbs
CAD $32.95
  • Quantity Available: 4
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